I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. What could be better than wine, women and shoes? Not that shoes are all we offered our Tee Party guests in Payson, Arizona, last Monday, but they certainly contributed to the convivial mood. (Show me a woman who doesn’t have a shoe-sickness and I’ll show you someone who’s had a sex-change operation. Could be the reason to have the sex-change operation.)

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I’m sitting here with our hostess extraordinaire, Mardi Hull, (to my left), and a few members of her hilarious golf posse (to my right): Lynn and Julia. These ladies like their resveratrol (a.k.a., red wine) and know how to multi-task: eat, drink, be merry – and shop. My people.


Julia and Lynn gravitated toward the same shoes and bag, but I think I saved Lynn from death and dismemberment when I pointed her in the direction of our black patent Oxfords. I love and travel with those shoes myself and know she’ll have good use of them when she goes on vacation this month.  We agreed to leave the black patent wing tips to Julia, who threatened to murder, otherwise. Détente was achieved. Both bought the ruby Stash bag, because red is a neutral, and because our bag is the perfect shade of lipstick red, will accent everything, etc., etc., etc. – and because sharing is what good friends do.


Mardi put on an irresistible spread for all of us. She took her hostess role very seriously, hurling us down the slippery slopes of sugar, salt and crunch, which let’s face it, we love. Not a lot of hurling required. There were shrimps with a spicy remoulade, various cheeses and salami, vegetables with artichoke dip, all manner of fresh fruit, gorgeous mini-cupcakes and those sea-salted chocolates with the gooey caramel insides that spoke to my kale-lover’s evil twin. I justified the indulgence by starting with protein (shrimp, cheese, salami), followed by vegetables (pickles, crudités) and washed the whole lot down with a vitamin-enriched adult beverage (red wine). After a balanced meal like that, a girl can have dessert, right? She did.

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MARDI'S PARTY-ladies arrive

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MARDI'S PARTY-ladies shopping


I love meeting women who love golf. They’re like sailors: fun, hearty, sporty – and a tad bawdy. They understand the pleasure principle and that’s right where I live. If you want to know more about attending or hosting a Tee Party By Invitation just click here. They are such a terrific way to get together with friends who play golf and see what products look like when they’re designed by women for women.

Annie Jaroszewicz