Wrestling with a rare bout of insomnia one night, I did what I always do under the circumstances – I turn on the light and read.

Sitting on the pile of books on my nightstand was ‘Wisdom’, by Andrew Zuckerman, a wonderful compendium of one-page blurbs by artists, musicians, architects, writers – creative types – all talking about inspiration and their creative process. In one way or another they get around to the subject of The Zone – and what it feels like to be in it. Familiar territory for any designer – definitely for me – perfect reading for the wee hours.

Turning to the page by British comedian, Billy Connolly, he describes what it feels like just before he goes on stage. Beset with the usual butterflies, panic – and nausea – he can’t focus until he hears his name announced. And then it’s whoop! Zone.

There it was: whoop! That miraculous, wee-hours, aha moment. Whoop! Exactly how I wanted to feel about my creative life, too. Call it what you like, but this was one hell of a cosmic bolt, heading straight to the heart of what I’d been longing for. Whoop! Something thrilling and new.

First thing in the morning I did a trademark search on the name, filed an application, and waited six long months to find out that whoop! was mine-all-mine. Call it destiny or a postcard from out there somewhere – whatever – it just felt like a secret dream was beginning to materialize, one I’d shared with only a few close friends: my deep desire to create on a broader scale than just golf – and whoop! folio was the canvas on which it would all happen.

The great pleasure of designing new products is in identifying a problem that needs solving – and then solving it. whoop! folio will provide a platform for new products, as well as new projects. Basically whatever grabs my creative fancy. That could be shoes or dinnerware or renovating something. Oh yes.

Where shoes are concerned, it all cycles back to comfort and looks for me. So one of the new whoop! folio products you’ll see this spring is a beautiful, classic slide that you can slip on after golf, or take with you to Paris. You’re seeing a sneak peek above. It’s a flat shoe with a medium heel, lined with memory foam for your comfort. Looking good will feel good, too.

Travel is a big part of my life and that means everything has to pack flat, multi-task, look good, feel great. I’m calling this little gem, Toujours (French for always), because that’s it’s mission. Always beautiful. Always comfortable. Always appropriate.

whoop! folio will also offer a glimpse into the projects I’m working on, like the renovation of a gorgeous pre-war apartment on the upper westside of Manhattan, or my latest video. I seriously love making those. There’s some very cool dinnerware on the drawing boards and whimsical kids’ sheets, too. No telling where this is going.

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