‘It started with a bunion and a dream’ is how I describe the impetus behind EQUIPT for play. That painful, exquisitely attractive knob on my right foot was the reason for the launch of this company. It is a killer if pressure is applied, and with most shoes, the pressure is relentless. That means I limp if I walk – and I love to walk when I play.

When I started playing golf a few years ago, I went through nineteen pairs of women’s golf shoes before finding a pair I could bear to wear for eighteen holes. The sad part was that the comfortable shoes I did find looked like correctional footwear or the sort of gear I’d wear to an aerobics class – nothing I’d be caught dead in otherwise. It’s no joke that I used to take my shoes off to walk the fairway after hitting a tee shot. My shoes and my feet were at war.


EQUIPT for play-OXFORD suede shoesI started to wonder why golf shoe manufacturers weren‘t designing products with women’s comfort and style in mind; why they were ignoring the only demographic in the golf industry that was actually growing. What I discovered as I began researching the question probably won’t surprise you: most golf shoe manufacturers appeared to be scaling down men’s shoes for us, which explained why they were too narrow in the instep and too big in the heel. No wonder they hurt. It’s a lot easier to take the short route, than start from scratch and produce a shoe that’s anatomically correct for a woman’s foot. Until now, what we’ve been offered is a smaller version of a man’s shoe, straight from heel to toe, not wider in the instep and narrower in the heel, the way most women’s feet are proportioned (think slice of pie). I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing pretty or comfortable about a smaller version of grandpa’s footwear.


EQUIPT FOR PLAY- weekender loafer-ruby suede

You will love the way our shoes feel. You will think you died and went to heaven with the generous instep. You’ll be able to walk for days in blissful comfort, face the wettest fairways with nonchalance, and dismiss torrential rains and mud (the Irish kind) without a care in the world. Don’t be fooled by the good looks. This is a well-tested, hardwearing, water-repellant women’s golf shoe that just happens to look and feel sensational. Bonus? The matching accessories.