‘Rescue’ and ‘Hybrid’ are two names being used interchangeably to designate fairway clubs that have shorter shafts and smaller head sizes than woods. If you carry rescue/hybrids in your bag we will be printing the letter ‘R‘ after the head size to differentiate it from your woods. Wood covers will have the letter ‘W‘ following the head size. Please see the following chart for head-size information.

DRIVER | fits all standard 460CC. Velcro closure.

RESCUE |  1R=14º  2R=15-18º  3R=19-21º  4R=22-24º  5R=25-27º  6R=28-30º  7R=31-34º  8R=35-38º  9R=39-42º

WOOD | fits all standard 3W  4W  5W  7W  9W  11W

MALLET PUTTER | fits all standard and compact mallet heads. Velcro closure. Does not fit Daddy Longlegs oversized heads.

BLADE PUTTER | fits all standard. Velcro closure.


COVERS | 3mm stretch neoprene

TOWELS | absorbant microfiber | 15.5″ x 20″

DITTY BAGS | waterproof polyester | clip-on style | 2 zippered pockets | 6.75″x9″