Tee Party Information

EQUIPT-DIRECTlogo-MasterTEE-PARTY-BY-INVITATION-logo-PRIVATE-SHOPPINGThe best way to acquaint you and your friends with the outstanding comfort and style of EQUIPT for play golf shoes and the practical accessories that go with them, is to shop for them in the relaxation and privacy of your home. There’s no better way to see what we create with your comfort and performance in mind, than with a glass of wine in hand and good friends nearby! (Or coffee and croissants if that makes more sense.)

As a golfer, I know how hard it is to find good looking, functional golf gear. It’s why I started this company. I also thought that someone had to make the quest for new products easier – and more fun – so EQUIPT-Direct | Tee Party By Invitation was born.

It’s my hope that TPBI will become the go-to solution for you and your friends for the best in pretty and practical products for sport and leisure. By inviting the women you know you’ll be sharing something of value with them and earn generous rewards for yourself in the process. Most important, the dream of building a network of like-minded women who play together and like to share what’s new and good with eachother will become a reality.

If you’d like to be a hostess, there are a few things we’ll ask you to do:

  • Tap into your network of women golfers and invite 18-24 of them to your home for a private showing of our products. To make this a social event, it would be nice to serve wine and cheese or coffee and croissants to your guests, depending on time of day. The goal would be to have a minimum of 15-20 women in attendance.
  • Provide us with a well-proofed e-mail list of your guests and we’ll send them invitations on your behalf. (All email addresses will remain strictly private).
  • Then relax and enjoy a private shopping experience with your friends as we create an in-home boutique just for you!

If you’d be interested in hosting a party and would like to know more about rewards or would simply like to attend a Tee Party, please email us and let us know where you’re located. There is no obligation whatsoever for reaching out for information. Promise.

CONTACT ANNIE: tee-party@equiptforplay.com