EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-black-patent-Oxford-golf-shoesThere's more to golf than white shoes. Looking great with minimal effort is not that complicated. In fact, we have made it so easy that you won’t even break a sweat trying. Sensational good looks are not all you’re going to get with our products. You’re going to get the most comfortable shoes on earth - bar none - with accessories to match. At first glance it’ll be pretty obvious that we’ve put a lot of color into our shoes and gloves – way more than anyone else out there. Apart from the fact that we got tired of white, white, white everywhere, it’s not the almighty neutral that everyone makes it out to be. It can make your feet look bigger, for one, and create the impression that style doesn’t matter much to you. We know that’s not the case. You just haven’t had a good alternative until now. EXPRESS YOURSELF EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-red-madras-Wing-Tip-hybrid-golf-shoesEquipt has given you countless ways to express your personal style. Let's start with the notion that you (just like we did here) can pull separates right out of your own closet and pair them with great gloves and shoes (ours) and voilà. Looking good. EQUIPT for play Oxford-teal women's course-to-street golf shoes TO KILTIE OR NOT TO KILTIE We know that there are the classicists out there who love a good kiltie and the modernists who prefer to skip one. The good news is that our kiltie is detachable. Wear it or not as the mood strikes. Your choice. Just know that if you do decide to wear it, it has a great hidden feature inside: two thin metal strips that allow you to shape the kiltie to the top of your foot. Neat and sweet.   THESE SHOES WERE MADE FOR WALKING

EQUIPT for play-WEEKENDER-tangerine-sliderAnnie-transparentAnd when you’re done playing golf no need to change your shoes. Go to or from anything in one of our new hybrid golf-to-street shoes or grab a pair of Aprés Everything's. This is what true foot bliss is all about: comfort, style, versatility. 

GOLF SHOES: THE TRUE MEANING OF SUBLIME COMFORT 7RELATED PROD-gloves pgIt was our mission to design the most comfortable women’s golf shoe on the planet. We traveled thousands of miles over the past four years, from Scotland to Ireland, from the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Seaboard, to search out the toughest golf terrain and most demanding weather conditions. Our shoes met every challenge we posed, so we are pleased to offer you a well-tested, hard-wearing, waterproof women’s golf shoe that just happens to look and feel sensational.     GOLF GLOVES: THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF STYLE AND PERFORMANCE 1GLOVEvineyard-shadeWe think accessories matter! Who really needs another white golf glove? Look completely put together when you coordinate one of our soft, kid leather women’s golf gloves (with magnetic ball-marker) and a pair of our distinctive golf shoes. Our line is all about color and that’s no accident. It’s been designed with your existing wardrobe in mind. Our glove and shoe coordinates look great with every color imaginable. So open your closet and get creative!     GOLF-TO-STREET SHOES: THE ACHIEVEMENT OF BLISSFUL COMFORT IN AN EASYGOING SHOE 1WEEKENDERgrassWhich shoe do you reach for when you know you have some miles to cover? Do you dream of the perfect walking shoe that can carry you from here to there in exceptional style and sublime comfort? Look no further! Our wickedly comfortable golf-to-street shoes are designed for the weekend warrior. Whether you plan to play a round or head into town, our unique comfort-traction sole was made for walking, no matter what the battle plan.     FOOTNOTES: A WORD ABOUT FIT WOMEN'S-FOOT-ANATOMY-image-home-pageWomen are different from men in structure and biomechanics. Did you know that women have a different heel-to-instep ratio than men? Most golf shoe manufacturers are simply scaling down a man’s shoe for you and that’s why the proportions are all wrong. The instep is too narrow and the heel is too roomy, because men’s feet are straighter heel-to-toe than ours. I say vive la différence in every way but this! What you’re going to love about our golf shoes, actually all of our shoes, is the generous instep we’ve combined with a well-fitted heel. No more pinching. No more sliding. These shoes were designed with a woman’s anatomy in mind.