GOLF SHOES (lace-up styles) | These run true to size. If you want to check, you can use our handy template here and print out a size guide. Do not size up if you’e a true whatever (I’m a 9 and wear a 9 in our shoes).

WEEKENDER loafers | These are best suited to medium width feet (like mine). They run a bit large on narrower feet. If you wear a full size in our lace-up golf shoes, you might want to try a half size smaller in our WEEKENDER. That said, I’m a 9 medium and wear a 9 WEEKENDER.

OMG athleisure | This shoe is running big for women with narrow feet (and heels). If that describes you, go down a half size! Any doubt, call me at 917/445-4367.

Convert UK & EU sizes to US women's sizes | EQUIPT FOR PLAY



WOMEN'S-FOOT-ANATOMY-image-home-pageI started this company because I love the game of golf and think there’s nothing better than walking a beautiful course on a sunny day with good friends – except when your feet hurt. And mine were killing me. I couldn’t find shoes that weren’t hard as a rock and ugly as sin. The one thing the nineteen pairs of shoes I bought (yes, nineteen) had in common was that they were all too narrow in the instep and big in the heel for me – which explained why they killed – and suggested that they were proportioned more for a man’s foot than my own. I decided to get to the drawing boards and do something about that.

I am often asked if our shoes fit true-to-size. And with that question, often comes an attempt to compare the fit of our shoes to other brands. This doesn’t work because every company has its own last (the form around which a shoe is built).

Next, it completely depends on your feet! Are you between sizes or true? I always ask women this question when they call to ask what to buy. If you are between sizes, do go up a half size. If not, buy the size the good Lord gave you. In my case, a nine.

Equipt shoes have been designed for women’s feet, with our unique anatomy in mind. So, if you’ve been sizing up in other brands to get more width, stop! Your feet are shaped like a slice of pie, so comfortable shoes have to have enough room in the instep to keep from squeezing the life out of your foot. Ours do. A well-fitted heel is essential to keeping the whole machinery in place when you walk and ours are scaled accordingly.

All our shoes are designed with your comfort in mind, so they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Ride a bike, take a hike, walk the dog or play some golf in these cushy all-terrain shoes. They will be your go-to choice when the weekend comes and it’s time to play. 


WINGTIPclassneutAh the kiltie. What does it do and where did it come from? Awhile back, I conjured up a liberally fictional yarn about where I thought it came from, and it turns out I wasn’t too, too far off. Huzzah.

I am delighted to report that a gent from Scotland, by the name of John M. Conboy Esquire, explained the kiltie’s true origins to me and here is what he shared:

“The “Kiltie” was the extended tongue of a brogue to cover the laces when worn with the Kilt. This was ‘lang ‘afore ony duke o’ Windsor wis born’. That’s how shoes were made in Scotland, in the highlands and the borders. The golfers just wore their shoes when they played and that’s how the “Golfing Brogue” came about.”

Thank you, John! I love all things Scottish (especially men in kilts) and am perfectly pleased to wrest all credit from the hands of the Duke of Windsor for this delightful accessory.

As for our kitties, you may have noticed that they’re pretty generous in width and length.  Another liberal interpretation of mine. There’s nothing worse, in my view, than a skimpy kiltie that’s too short or narrow for the shoe. Like bad bangs on a haircut. It’s got a job to do and ought to have the heft to do it, damn it.

The unique feature of our kiltie is that it has two hidden metal strips inside that allow you to mold it to the shape of your foot. That keeps it looking neat and sweet, fitting for a round of golf with his highness or whomever. So wear it or not, as you choose – but remember that it’s history is a noble, if murky one, and the look, utterly, exquisitely distinguished.


KIWI-shoecare pg

All our shoes leave the factory with a water and stain repellant finish, but we recommend cleaning your shoes and reapplying protectant every six months or before you expect to be in heavy weather (like Ireland).

KIWI has the best products on the market for rain and stain protection for your shoes, so we are pleased to offer two sizes for your convenience. Follow direction on the can for best results.

MELTONIAN is the queen of suede cleaners and is our go-to choice for keeping our suede shoes looking like new. Follow those directions for best results, too.

Just like taking your car in for a tune-up, regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your shoes. Schedule it on your smart phone, so you don’t forget!