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Just as the Phoenix Open wound down its festivities, Equipt-Direct Tee Party By Invitation headed to Scottsdale last Wednesday for a gathering of golfing women. Good timing. Everyone was ready to turn their attention to their personal golf gear and see what’s new for spring 2016.

These women share a love of golf and (apparently) the 19th Hole, wherever it may be. Here, the post-round glass of wine, good food and hole-by-hole rendition of what really happened out there (like the big fish that got away…) took place at the home of Debborah Sellers. So glad I could be part of it.


What’s especially great for me is watching women try on our shoes and seeing their faces when they realize that they’re not just pretty, but seriously comfortable, too. (I call it The OMG Factor.) Most retailers are simply not willing to carry this broad a selection of shoes, never mind the coordinating gloves and other accessories that go with them, so Tee Party By Invitation gives women access to new and beautiful products for golf that they’ll never see in a pro shop or big box sports store. Add a relaxed social environment, friends and a glass (or two) of wine, and you have the perfect recipe for good times.

EQUIPT FOR PLAY-Tee Party in Scottsdale Arizona-4EQUIPT FOR PLAY-Tee Party in Scottsdale Arizona-1WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT

These gatherings are an extremely valuable opportunity for me to learn what new products you’re all yearning for, like skirts that are the right length for those of us who are slightly over thirty! This has been a recurring theme at all our Tee Parties, so I can’t wait to dig into that category next year. I also have a good idea of what colors and styles you’re looking for in your shoes. Duly noted.


EQUIPT FOR PLAY-Tee Party in Scottsdale Arizona-7EQUIPT FOR PLAY-Tee Party in Scottsdale Arizona-6CREAM PUFFS & SANCERRE

Although food was not the central focus of our gathering, I have to give a shout out to those divine miniature cream puffs that our hostess introduced us to. Single-bite wowsas! Costco gets the much-deserved credit, along with our hostess, who knew where to find these magnificent bites. (Frozen dessert aisle, in case you’re wondering, ladies.) And the prosciutto and hot peppers that suited the Arizona night? Appropriately hot and spicy and perfectly paired with the well-chilled Sancerre. Divine.

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Annie Jaroszewicz