It was a gorgeous fall day here in Connecticut on Sunday, so I decided it was time to face the music and invite Ernestine Driver (capricious vixen) and my friend, Georges, to join me on the range at a nearby golf course. True confession: I didn’t play one drop of golf this summer.

What in the world?????

Yes. Between the renovation-from-hell on my house and another killer attack of poison ivy, my cortisol levels were, shall we say, elevated. Adding rusty golf to the mix seemed unnecessarily masochistic. 

Unique club head covers from Equipt for playRANGE WITHIN REASON

The temptation to dive into the deep end of the pool at the range and bang away at a thousand balls gave way to reason. I limited myself to 1  large bucket…knowing it would take time for Ernestine to play nice and relocate her tempo. And from the looks of things….gone fishing. A lot of pulled shots to consider…grip, hmmm…aim, oy…..and not much sweet-spot action. It’ll get fixed, but dang-shazang. Why I love this game?



Putting & chipping followed with generally better results. The chipping surprised me, since it’s usually the skill that departs first and demands the most finesse and practice to maintain – or in this case – revive. I know enough to relaaaaax and breathe deep when I get to the chipping green after a long hiatus. Keeping expectations realistic (low…) does the trick. And keeps me loose.

I ♥️ my 60º Cleveland wedge, Clevie, (my clubs have names), but she can be a little bitchy sometimes. And unpredictable. Not so yesterday.  If I could have high-fived her on her performance I would have.



If you’ve read anything I’ve written, ever, this is not a big secret. I’m always looking for non-schlumpadinka, non-golf clothing that works on course, for other sports, life in general, and of course, travel. That means separates that crossover from sport to life. Athleisure style is my jam. It’s how I live and work: simple, clean, practical. It’s why my shoes crossover into every aspect of my life, too. It’s why they have to be comfortable, while looking very goooood. They have to multi-task for me. You, too, probably.


Comfortable women's athleisure shoes from Equipt for Play






OK. About rain gear. Search it and you’ll find mostly blousy, shapeless black nylon stuff out there. A major ICK factor for me. I know it has to go over what you’re wearing when it starts to drizzle, but there’s nothing that says it has to look like a glorified garbage bag or make you look like the Michelin blow-up doll. I’m always looking for things that will do double-duty and found this sweet little jacket from Columbia Sportwear. (Please note that I have no affiliation with them…just wanted to share this find with you.) It has a nice cut and folds easily into a zippered pouch to tuck away into your golf bag, tote, back pack, pocket, etc. Convenient.

It comes in 13 excellent colors colors. I’m all about color – evidently – and love the feminine lines of the hood and the way the collar zips waaaay up your neck if it’s howling out there. For me, it crosses over from practical to kinda sexy, in the universe of athleisure wear. Practical can be pretty, too. But you knew that, didn’t you. This is one more way to fight the frump, ladies.  Live large. Buy two.



A few more ways to fight the frump up top on the golf course is to search for things that stretch, but don’t cling. Cling doesn’t feel or look good. Unless you’re Michelle Wie …long in the waist and flat in the midriff. Here are a few cashmere sweaters I found at Everlane (again, no affiliation) that are perfect for a day on the links. Layer away if necessary. Camisoles, etc.





A woman new to golf, in one of my FB groups, asked if it was OK to wear tights or leggings on the golf course. HELL YES, say I. As fall approaches up north, layering not only makes sense, but looks great. It takes athleisure to the next level. Modern. Practical. Flirty. Here’s Michelle Wie showing you how it’s done.

Some of my favorite layering items from UNIQLO (no affiliation) go by the name of Heattech and are available in tops and bottoms. Silky soft, washable and go under everything. Or you can expose them like Michelle. Whatever ups your game.


Btw, I like Michelle’s edgy blonde hair these days, but think she could use a pair of our shoes. I had some ideas to amp up her look, if that’s even possible. A few favorites…




My Weekender loafers work for me on and off the course. Take the 19th hole….my best event always. No changing necessary after killing it on the chipping green. I put the bourbon down to have my ritual beer(s)……preferably Stella……but on Sunday, they were out. You’ll notice it didn’t stop me.

Golf. Walk. Travel. Relaaaaaaaaax.