Equipt’s ten-year anniversary snuck up on me. Not sure how that happened, a bit like my latest birthday, but cause for remembrance and celebration. If you’ve read our backstory you know about the bunion and the dream, my quest for comfortable golf shoes and my obsession with golf fashion…

Dancing ballet till I was eighteen wrecked my right foot, and then a bunion with periodic pain followed, especially if I had miles to cover and wore the wrong shoes. Being able to walk in comfort was no small thing and informed the purchase of every pair of shoes I owned – except for dress-up, natch. That part’s insane, but we’ve all done it.


As I worked on the early golf shoe prototypes, I was fixated on style. The shoes out there were SO ugly and there was no reason for it – except that no one cared. I knew I could make good looking, dare I say fashionable, women’s golf shoes for you and me, and strove to marry appearance with comfort. Based on your feedback, I guess I managed! We’re still here after ten years, so thank you, thank you, thank you.


Equipt for play golf shoes are one of Oprah's favorite things

One of the highest impact events during Equipt’s early years was being featured on the O List in O Magazine in 2012. In honor of our tenth anniversary, I decided to remind myself (and you) that it actually happened! Being selected as one of Oprah’s favorite things was an honor, of course, but it also offered the kind of mind-blowing exposure that most companies only dream of. No way in those early days (even now) could I have afforded to advertise in her magazine with its massive reach. It was a huge cosmic gift with long-term impact. Those comfy course-to-street shoes are still going strong.


Fashion Group International nominates Equipt for play for design award

The other surprise event for this fledgling venture came in 2014, when I was nominated for a design award by the fashion industry. Golf shoes as fashion?! A first, I’m sure, and validation for every one of us who loves her sports and still cares about how she looks. (Holding two thoughts at once, as it were.) If you shop here you don’t check your femininity at the door when you play sports and neither do I.


Lily Achatz #golfcreatrice wears OMG shoes by Equipt for play

So, about style. The other day I came across photos on Instagram of Lily Achatz, an Equipt customer. Go take a look at golfcreatrice and you’ll see why they made me stop. It was the first time I’d seen someone so utterly capture my vision of sporty chic, athleisure groove, effortless style, that it caused me to reach out to her to ask for more photos. She generously shared them so I could show you how she does it! Go follow her on IG for inspiration.

She skips ‘golf’ clothes and matchy outfits in favor of comfortable separates that do the job (stretch), but look so bad-ass cool and modern. I wish I had a dollar for every woman who’s told me she hates clingy, Under-Armory stuff that has no shape or style – and flatters just about no one. Why on earth would any of us wear stuff on the golf course that we wouldn’t be caught dead in otherwise? I never have, and am happy to show you someone who really gets the alternatives, too.


Long shorts, striped sweater, red cap (get one!) and our white OMG shoes. It doesn’t look any better than this. You could see Lily going anywhere in what she has on here. With a little variation on a theme below, she introduces a wide-leg cropped pant – rocking a kind of Katherine Hepburn, retro vibe. So chic and divine. In every case, she’s pared down her basics to key items with easy function and big impact. Stripes! Love. Anything with black accents…LOVE! This is brunch-weekend-farmer’s market clothing with a side dish of golf. Or vice versa.


It might look like I buried the lead at this point, ladies, but I wanted to let you know I am raising my prices for the first time in 10 years. Necessity dictates. The world is a different place after the past year of closed factories and disrupted supply chains, costs have risen for materials and production, and I want to keep the lights on for all of us! You never came here looking for the cheapest golf shoes in town. You didn’t come here looking for workout shoes for golf. You’ve got Nike and Reebok and Addidas for that. You came here for looking for style with your comfort, and truth be told, that costs more to produce –  or everyone would be doing it.

I am beyond grateful that we made it through a period that left a lot of small companies by the wayside, so again, my deepest thanks. I’m hard at work on new goodies for you, so stay tuuuuned!

Annie Jaroszewicz Equipt for play founder and designer