“If I try to be like you, who will be like me?”

This line comes from Julia Alvarez’s latest book and my answer to her is no one, I hope. There are so many ways to express your one true self and buck the herd, but it takes a little effort and attention. And some vision. What do the choices you make around what you wear, how you live, and how you play, reflect how you see yourself in the world? How intentional are you in actually designing, you? For anyone who thinks this is frivolous, think again. The Chinese built a whole theory of well-being around feng shui, which aims to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. Equipt, and my new obsession, Love How You Live Now, are all about those ‘surroundings’. So today we’re talking about red everything, especially red shoes, and personalizing every single thing you can get your hands on.











Let’s get this party started! If golf is your passion, begin with some uncommon, vibrant women’s golf shoes. Red is my big thing right now. I see it as a juicy neutral, standing ready to zhuzh me and my mood up, up, up. Red lips. Red nails. Red shoes. Excellent post-pandemic choice. Our red madras wingtip, a thoroughly modern, fashionable twist on a classic golf shoe, will happily pair with white, black, navy, khaki…or red, like here. You get it. Turn some heads or distract the competition on the putting green. I say go for it. Zhuzh your knickers off!


The other thing that has my attention these days is anything I can personalize. If you haven’t seen our custom golf club covers, check them out. Practical and so dang playful! See my name all over this 5 Wood cover? Not very likely to get lost is it? I happen to have a black and white golf bag which allows me to use any accent color I want. Today it happens to be – you guessed it – RED.


Surroundings come in all shapes and sizes. What’s got me really jazzed right now is creating custom Zoom backdrops. I’m calling them ZoomMoodz (link & products coming soon).

As an extension of Love How You Live Now, and addressing how much time I’m spending on Zoom calls these days consulting and such, I wanted to create something very personal and unique for my background. No one really wants to look at a rumpled bed (never) or a kitchen counter with one potted plant on it. My new work reality calls for something more professional, and branded, when I have to look like a business owner who knows what she’s talking about. Ahem.

And for something waaaay more playful, when the occasion calls for it, like cocktails tonight at 8:00 (you know you’re doing it), you can see how the possibilities to personalize and play are endless.

I realized the other day, as I’ve leaned into the headwinds of the pandemic for a year now, that Equipt is going to make it to the other side! Thanks to your generous patronage and a mega dose of good luck, we’re still here and looking forward to new times and new products. Our factory in Mexico is back up and running, so I can proceed with the new golf shoe designs I have in mind and more course-to-street, stretchy, super comfortable shoes that will work for women with wider feet and a bunion or two. Stay tuuuuuned.Annie Jaroszewicz Equipt for play founder and designer