Staying close to home has opened our eyes to how we work, live and play these days.

I’m talking about right now. The introspection that sheltering in place has invited challenges us to balance sanity, productivity and making the best of things as they stand – with the attendant uncertainty that the pandemic drags in its wake. And since golf is not an immediate option for those of us who are snow-bound up north, and many of you who are house-bound elsewhere, finding a way to relax beyond a good Netflix binge isn’t easy. I can share what’s coming up for me It’s how this experience has affected my view of time, career, home and relationships – big stuff – and yes, what comes next. You may be scratching your head asking what this has to do with golf. I get it. Equipt for play started life as a golf shoe company, and as such, should probably train all its attention on all things linksy.  All. The. Time. 

That’s kind of hard to do with 18+ inches of snow outside, for one, and feeling like I’ve said it all by now, besides. And, in truth, my range of interests is so much wider than just golf and designing golf shoes (blasphemy), that it feels like the right time to explore new horizons through the larger lens of play…play as a way of life…and see where it takes me. I intend to amuse myself, and maybe even you, writing about the things that contribute to a beautiful life, loving how you work and live now, staying playful, ever playful, in this generous present moment.


Let’s begin! I love the snowy view from the kitchen window in my home right now and always take a moment to look outside and appreciate whatever’s going on in my garden as I begin the sacred morning ritual of making the non-negotiable, utterly critical cup of coffee. When I renovated this 1920’s shingle-style house last year, among my many fantasies for beautiful living was having a coffee bar and dedicated spot for my beloved espresso machine. Et voilà! The first stop of the day at java junction is a delight to the senses.



From there I walk down a short hallway and turn right into my new home office, the environment I created especially for sequestering and getting work done. I wanted a space that allowed me to shut out the world, dream a bit, and then take care of business. It’s, in a word, grounding. The light is perfect, thanks to the 6′ transom window above my desk that floods the the space with light without creating reflections in my computer screen. The 12′ long counter made of herringbone butcher block is a stunning, functional surface that invites my creativity every single day. I love stepping into this space. It signals work…creativity…idea play.



As I see it, everything I design for Equipt – so you can play, walk and travel in comfort and style – is an expression of a larger attitude about lifestyle, what I love, what I enjoy looking at, and how I choose to live everyday. It’s a tone. My products and my home reflect that. I’m pretty sure no one leaves this site wondering how I see the world. (If they do, they missed the red madras wingtips in my collection – or the whimsical powder room I designed shown here.) Playfulness, being a little tongue-in-cheek, and definitely irreverent, are the through-lines of this enterprise called My LIfe. If you’re shopping here, or reading this, welcome to the playpen!



So. As I go forward with Equipt for play and Love How You Live Now, I’ll be weaving the two together with my many design interests and sharing thoughts on how simple things like a snappy pair of black wingtip shoes – or a beautiful, well-organized home office – or a special daily ritual – can affect your mood and productivity and well-being. They are all connected my friends. And who knows? This might even become a podcast.

Back soon.

Annie Jaroszewicz Equipt for play founder and designer