lobsters-reisling-2 around-town-girls-their-coffee-in-confortable-walking-shoes-for-women-equipt-for-play daffodil-red-leash-2 beautiful-leather-ladies-golf-glove-equiptforplay sleek-chic-golf-2 play-like-a-girl-tori-christ play-like-a-girl-maddy-evans play-like-a-girl-imani-boyette play-like-a-girl-golfer-1 relax-on-purpose own-the-road-1 putting-green-2 attitude-adjustment-2 hiking-boots-2 omg-helen-wears-our-new-street-shoe-equiptforplay-com play-like-a-girl-annika-sorenstam-2 play-like-a-girl-annika-sorenstam pause just-one scotland just-walk-it-off grips later-i-shall-have-pie inner-golfer-2 walking-the-dog style-fais-do-do style-a-personal-thing style-your-call wingtip-red-madras-_-equipt-for-play comfort-root-of-confidence stash-bag-at-lunch-cobalt mood-blue paris-dreaming ox-rose-multi-tasking equipt-for-play-pretty-golf-gloves pleasure-principal-ice-cream lauren-bacall-pink-power ladies-wingtip-golf-shoes-equipt-for-play go-pink-or-go-home paris-cortney-red-bench

officially-fierce future-is-female kickstarter-clock-success shoe-fit hillary-clinton-4 wingtip-red-madras-in-production oxford-rosesteve-jobs-your-time-is-limited all-white-gloves-2 feast-on-your-life-3 hey-good-lookin later-i-shall-have-pie-2 i-love-ny oxford-rosewingtip-red-madras-in-productionhillary-clinton-4 shoe-fitkickstarter-clock-success future-is-femaleofficially-fierce

paris-cortney-red-bench go-pink-or-go-home ladies-wingtip-golf-shoes-equipt-for-play lauren-bacall-pink-power pleasure-principal-ice-cream equipt-for-play-pretty-golf-gloves ox-rose-multi-tasking paris-dreaming mood-blue stash-bag-at-lunch-cobalt comfort-root-of-confidence wingtip-red-madras-_-equipt-for-play style-your-call style-a-personal-thing style-fais-do-do walking-the-dog inner-golfer-2 later-i-shall-have-pie grips just-walk-it-offscotland just-one pause play-like-a-girl-annika-sorenstam play-like-a-girl-annika-sorenstam-2 omg-helen-wears-our-new-street-shoe-equiptforplay-com hiking-boots-2 attitude-adjustment-2 putting-green-2 own-the-road-1 relax-on-purpose play-like-a-girl-golfer-1 play-like-a-girl-imani-boyette play-like-a-girl-maddy-evans play-like-a-girl-tori-christ sleek-chic-golf-2 beautiful-leather-ladies-golf-glove-equiptforplay daffodil-red-leash-2 around-town-girls-their-coffee-in-confortable-walking-shoes-for-women-equipt-for-play lobsters-reisling-2



the-war-of-art cheers16 weekender-red-suede-ladies-loafers-_-equipt-for-play stash-ruby-cheers-instagram sale_equipt-for-play-1 equipt-for-play-waxed-shoeslaces-vermillion






Colored shoes laces | EQUIPT FOR PLAYPersonalized golf accessories | EQUIPT FOR PLAY


Love of my life, partner-in-crime extraordinaire, Daffodil Divine.


 pay-attention less-talk-more-walk-2

around-town-girls-2 attitude-adjustment-2 check-me-out-black-white-white-ladies-wingtip-golf-shoes-walking-shoes-equipt-for-play-1

Sister love. Emma & Sophie meet up for coffee at E.A.T. in Manhattan sporting comfortable Oxford and Wing Tip shoes.  As for the attitude adjustment, who couldn’t use one now and again? Black & white checked wingtips would do it for me.

Comfortable women's golf shoes & walking shoes are the perfect walking partners | EQUIPT FOR PLAY around-town-3 frolic-with-the-girls

Who could resist a walk with Ms Bossy Pants? She keeps me moving every day. I may not get in my 10,000 steps, but I always have a comfortable pair of shoes handy to head out the door with her. If the city calls, my black patent Oxfords let me cruise around town on foot – looking great – forgetting about my feet – ready for fun & frolic with my gal pals after work. What could be better?

Eat right and play sports|EQUIPT FOR PLAY|comfprtable golf shoes & walking shoes for women psycheledic-salmon psychedelic-swissmar-peelers

ALWAYS MAKE SOMETHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN IT NEEDS TO BE – like your food – or your photographs. Photoshop helped me take these in a psychedelic direction just for fun. And that particular day I was into color…grilled salmon, julienned carrots, red onions, and a contrasting blue plate. But seriously. Eat good food, exercise and wear comfortable shoes  from who else? Us! Oh, and if you want this set of three peelers (I swear by them) just click here.

Hell hath no fury like my bunion | ANNIE JAROSZEWICZ, Founder | Equipt for play

Hell hath no fury like my bunion!


I started designing shoes because y feet hurt | ANNIE JAROSZEWICZ, Founder/Designer | Equipt for play

Oh, my aching bunion!

The right golf shoes make the game (and walk) pure bliss | EQUIPT FOR PLAY

Comfortable shoes designed by women for women at Equipt for play

Put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes from Equipt for play and conquer the world.

Our sentiments exactly.

Walking is the straight path to good health and a cheery mood.

Marilyn Monroe knows a thing or two about great shoes | EQUIPT FOR PLAY


It takes a rainbow.

It takes a rainbow

Orlando rainbows are everywhere. I decided to create my own interpretation with the moving words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge to accompany it.

RAINBOWS & LOVE-sqCharles Dickens on walking | EQUIPT FOR PLAY


Red is a great color for the golf course and that's why we made red madras golf shoes for women | EQUIPT FOR PLAY

Red is my idea of a great neutral. It’s confident and vibrant. Not for the faint of heart!


From our very own whaling museum in Sag Harbor, whale art made from an old sneaker. Dan Rizzie.

From our very own whaling museum in Sag Harbor, whale art made from an old sneaker. Dan Rizzie.


Comfortable turquoise suede loafers for women. Good for walking. Great for golf.

Swimmingly beautiful lagoon-blue shoes

Nap time in Sag Harbor after battling the traffic for lobsters and wine.

Nap time in Sag Harbor after battling the traffic for lobsters and wine.

Comfortable blue suede shoes for walking and golf.

Blue suede shoes – blue as a bowl of bluest blueberries.

Pink suede loafers.

Eye-popping, heart-stopiing PINK!

Summer's here and it's time for to play golf in these women's golf gloves.

High style golf gloves for throwing down those Nassau’s

EQUIPT FOR PLAY green suede shoes

Verderous green straight from the garden.

Vibrant colors combined by a rock enthusiast at Jazz Fest 2015

Dressing in the dark
or with black light as guide
renders this medley.

Music-loving gentleman offering free hush at Jazz Fest had few takes.

Free hugs sound tempting.
Are you the man of my dreams?
In living color?

Mexico tableau. Staged or not I ask myself? Dabs of red intrigue.

Mexico tableau.
Staged or not I ask myself?
Dabs of red intrigue.


Souvenirs I love take me to places again. So much more to see.

Souvenirs I love
take me to places again.
So much more to see.

dancing at Jazz Fest 2015

Red sandals dancing
to infectious bluegrass.
Think you could resist?


Jazz Fest was muddy. Called for glowing rubber boots in magical pink.

Jazz Fest was muddy.
Called for glowing rubber boots
in magical pink.

Souvenirs I love take me to a place again. So much more to see.

Souvenirs I love
take me to that place again.
So much more to see.

Fear of flying high prayer meeting in the sky. Think they'd rather walk.

Fear of flying high,
prayer meeting in the sky.
Think they’d rather walk.

Soles awaiting their destiny-2 | EQUIPT for play




Sole patterns for comfortable shoes | EQUIPT for play

Old soles


Here is step 3 of making the most comfortable soles on earth | EQUIPT for play

New soles



OUT OF ORDER in the Gap dressing room | EQUIPT for play

Mannequins behaving badly

OUT OF ORDER in the dressing room at the Gap | EQUIPT for play

Mannequins at play. Naughty or nice, do you care? Looks like fun to me.

Mannequins hidden in a dressing room at The Gap captured my imagination. The red came later. | Annie Jaroszewicz EQUIPT for play

Red Out Of Order

Bella in respose in red still life | EQUIPT for play

Kitchen still life in red #1.

Red kettle | EQUIPT for play

Red kettle makes tea a ceremony.

Red tea kettle with black and white clock still life | EQUIPT for play

Kitchen composition. Sag Harbor.

Kitchen still life in red and black | EQUIPT for play

Kitchen still life in red #2.

Annie Jaroszewicz product designer created these black and white dishes for Bed Bath & Beyond and the black and white dish towel for Crate & Barrel | EQUIPT for play

Study in black and white for table.

Red shoelaces are the perfect accent on these comfortable women's walking shoes at equiptforplay.com

All about the red shoe laces.

Daffodil Divine is the two year old Chief Amusement Officer at EQUIPT for play | belongs to Founder Annie Jaroszewicz

Daffodil Divine

Hard to say which are cuter - the women's Oxford shoes in black patent leather or Daffodil the dog | EQUIPT for play

Daffodil as accessory in black and white.

Daffodil just in from a romp in the snow | EQUIPT for play

What snow?