Give thanks for technology…FaceTime, Skype, Zoom.

I know…boohoo…it’s spring and we can’t play golf. Trust me, I’m as itchy as you are to break out the clubs and walk the links. You may have noticed that I sell women’s golf shoes, so needless to say, Covid-19 is not great for business. But hey, I’m not in this alone, and neither are you, so it’s important that we all do our part to keep our neighbors safe by sticking close to home (and covering up, ahem). So! Let’s make the most of this down time and get creative, shall we? I, for one, am giving mighty thanks for FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and the like. 

You can take all kinds of classes online or practice your golf swing in front of a mirror or paint something. (I’ve discovered stenciling…no wall is safe). The drawers are probably all organized by now and every square inch of the house bleached, so it’s time to scroll that contact list and see whom you haven’t spoken with in awhile.

I’ve been making online dates with friends for cocktails and found it to be an excellent substitute for the real thing.

golfingTurn the lights down. Break out the candles and your favorite cocktail napkins. Prepare snacks. (No such thing as junk food at a time like this.) Picture yourself on your favorite bar stool with a pal and keep the bottle handy, preferably in that crystal bucket you’ve saved for special occasions. If you laid in a healthy supply of adult beverages like I did (bubbly, red wine, small batch bourbon, and whoa, sake), you’ve got what you need to get creative. Try your hand at mixology and then brew up a pitcher of mood-enhancing magic. That way you won’t have to leave the room for the refill. Don’t judge. Or just pop a cork. This is a spiritual thing, people. Feel good and pass it around.????Annie Jaroszewicz Equipt for play founder and designer