“What a wonderful thing a sunny day!”

Indeed. It’s hard to improve on sunshine, walking a beautiful course, and frolicking with friends at the Nineteenth Hole. I’m way more forgiving of the inconsistencies in my golf game these days and enjoy myself more when I just  r e l a a a x  and forget the score card.

That said, improvement is always on my mind otherwise – especially when it comes to the quality and performance of our golf shoes – and is why I spent a large chunk of 2018 devoted to making our shoes better.

I knew it was critical to re-think the construction of our outsoles. Improvements were needed to ensure their integrity and reliability, no matter the conditions, and so I dove in.

The aim was to keep the profile of our existing sole, along with the striping detail that I consider a signature design element. (It appears that our friends at Ecco have copied it, ahem.) There were technical issues to be resolved and lots of iterations to go through, before arriving at the seamless transition from old sole to new that I was after. So nothing has changed to the eye, but to the feet, OMG…better construction, better performance – and all with our signature comfort!


I was obsessed with putting a clear outsole on our new shoes – to give them an unmistakably modern twist – and identify them as uniquely our own. Our mold technician introduced me to a crystal clear polymer that fit the bill for comfort and performance – and looked exactly as I’d imagined in my mind’s eye. Love when that happens.

These new soles are molded in one piece, so that pesky issue of separation won’t happen again. Can’t happen again. Not only do they feel splendid, they look modern and very, very cool. A frosted martini glass comes to mind.



Many of you asked for navy golf shoes and here they are, ladies! These crisp beauties arrived in the warehouse this week, so order a pair now for spring.


My plan going forward, is to add 1-2 new golf shoe designs per year to keep things fresh. They’ll be offered in limited editions, so ladies, if you like ‘em, buy ‘em. Once they’re sold out, I’ll be moving on to the next new color combination. It’s the only way to keep me excited and engaged – whoop! – and keep you interested, too, I suspect.


You’ll notice a gray button on our home page, whoop! folio. It’s the cornerstone of an expanded design vision I’ve been noodling for quite some time. In a nutshell, it’ll be a platform for my other design interests beyond Equipt. A kind of home base. You’ll see new street shoes there (coming in spring 2019), dinnerware (an old love), and a chronicle of the renovation projects I am working on (new love). When you have a moment, click on the button and learn more.

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