Stylish leather women's golf gloves at EQUIPT for playI’m all for perfection if you can swing it, but fall woefully short myself. (Brené Brown would be very proud of me.) A nice gentleman I’ll call Peter, ordered a right-hand glove for his mom for Mother’s Day this year. He made his purchase in plenty of time and we got the glove to him in plenty of time, except that we sent him a left glove instead of a right glove. Our oops. We had a swift exchange of emails and got the issue resolved. I saved the relay to share with you, because it’s a lovely reminder of grace and gratitude when perfection ain’t happenin’.

PETER: My order shows a RIGHT glove. You shipped me a LEFT glove. I cannot use a left glove. Please make this right, as it was supposed to be a mother’s day gift.

ANNIE: Our apologies. Please give the left glove to your mom as our gift and we’ll send you the right one today. She may actually want to wear two for sun protection. We do!

PETER: Now that is customer service! I very much appreciate your kindness. And the two glove suggestion is fantastic. Thank you so much.

ANNIE: My pleasure.

PETER: The right hand glove just arrived! You are the BEST! Now for mother’s day I’ll be able to give her two gloves. I will look like a ‘big spender’! Mother’s are special and this will say so. I will start saving so I can buy her the awesome shoes you sell.Thank you for your kindness. Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers where you are.


So nice.

Annie Jaroszewicz