More meditations on splendid red.

I caught this image in The Gap dressing room today. There was an intriguing ‘Out Of Order’ sign on the fitting room door and I’d agree that something was out of order, although just what, was a matter for considered speculation. Couldn’t resist the suggestive tumble of mannequin legs, and turning the whole thing red. Conjures all kinds of possible captions, no?

Mannequins hidden in a dressing room at The Gap captured my imagination. The red came later. | Annie Jaroszewicz EQUIPT for play


On a much tamer note, these are my much-prized reading red specs from Paris. If, like me, you have trouble reading a menu in a restaurant after 2:00 pm, you need reading glasses. Leave it to Parisians to figure out how to amp up this simple, but necessary accessory. I came back with seven colors (red, orange, lime, magenta, clear, cobalt and tortoise), but these red ones are the real winners. Worth the trip alone. Rue du Bac, just off the Boulevard St. Germain.
My favorite glasses from Paris | EQUIPT for play

There is no doubt in my mind that these spectacular turquoise Equipt Oxfords have been elevated to a whole other level with these ruby-red shoelaces. I love unexpected punches of color and spice up my collection with lots of it. Besides these ruby beauties we offer 12 other colors of shoe laces on our site. Change it up and express yourself!Red shoelaces are the perfect accent on these comfortable women's walking shoes at equiptforplay.comIn the category of quirky things I love, Betty here started life as a Christmas-tree ornament and wound up as the chatelaine of my kitchen in Sag Harbor. She looks à l’aise, non? In her book there’s no such thing as too much bling. Mine either.

Beulla in red guards the pestle | EQUIPT for play

Tea? Mais oui. I had been looking for a red tea kettle and found this one last week at Target. So this is how I boil & brew now. The matte red finish looks splendid with my stainless steel backsplash and makes morning tea the lovely ritual that it was meant to be.

Red kettle | EQUIPT for play

Kitchen still life in red. Some of these objects were gifts, others are things I collected along the way. Regardless of provenance, red = amuse-bouche in my world.

Kitchen still life in red and black | EQUIPT for play

Equipt shoe boxes are near and dear to my heart. Steve Jobs once said that packaging is theater and I couldn’t agree more. A red bow signals a special gift inside and our shoes are nothing if not special.

Steve Jobs always said that packaging is theater. Beautiful packaging design from EQUIPT for play

Annie Jaroszewicz