The combination of black & white is a near obsession with me. You see lots of it pop up in my work, in our packaging and logo, basically everywhere I feel the urge for articulation. Design-wise.

Heaven help me, it doesn’t stop with work, though. Before Daffodil was born, the breeder asked me what color puppy would be my first preference. I, with utterly earnest mien, replied there could be only one preference for me: black & white.

“You wouldn’t consider a sable and white?”, she asked. “They’re very cute. “No”, I said. “It’s black and white – or nada. Brown & white won’t go with my décor.” I didn’t blink.

Daffodil Divine is the two year old Chief Amusement Officer at EQUIPT for play | belongs to Founder Annie Jaroszewicz
Here below Daffodil poses on one of my favorite black and white chairs at home. It’s her first birthday and she’s squirming a bit, but hey, she’s only one. I painted in the red background through the magic of Photoshop, because the day was a festive one. It seemed to call for resplendent rouge.Daffodil posing on my favorite black & white chairs at home |EQUIPT for play

The little monkey loves snow, so after the winter we’ve had it’s a good thing the floor is this crisp – what else? – black and white tile. She can drip till she drops, no worries. I also like the fact that it offers, not coincidentally, the perfect backdrop for her bed-head black & white do.Daffodil just in from a romp in the snow | EQUIPT for playMy beloved and bewitching black & white chairs again – there are two – provide the annual platform for Daffodil’s birthday portrait. She turned two on March 29th, so she’s a spring baby just like me! Two Aries females in the same house makes for amusing times, lots of sparks and tons of affection. Not sure who’s really in charge here, but MWA! Daff! Who cares anyway?Balck and white chair as backdrop for this second birthday portrait | EQUIPT for playThis unexpected moment occurred during our photoshoot with Cortney and I’m happy to say that our photographer was on it. He captured this priceless moment, as the theme changed to black & white and Daffodil strolled across the set – as if on cue. Hard to say which accessory won……the black patent Oxford women’s golf and walking shoes or Daffodil Divine. This is a hard one for me! They’re both mine.Hard to say which are cuter - the women's Oxford shoes in black patent leather or Daffodil the dog | EQUIPT for playAnnie Jaroszewicz