It’s crazy that I make golf shoes for women, but hardly have time to play golf myself these days. No excuses here, but it probably explains the appalling condition of my game. Riding to the rescue was my good friend Toby Tucker Peters, who landed up in the Hamptons last week for a little R&R (read: time out from her four adorable-but-very-young children) and called to invite me to The Bridge for my first round of grown-up golf this summer, to be followed by lunch on the terrace. (This course was built on the site of the old racetrack in Bridgehampton, hence the racetrack memorabilia. The the views of Gardner’s Bay are stunning.)

Good thing it was a gloriously sunny day and we had the whole course to ourselves, because there was some pretty ugly golf being played that day (and not Toby’s…….). Our caddy stopped rolling his eyes after about the eight hole and decided to accept the fact that we were not planning to keep score, were just delighted to be together, were not betting on holes (what would be the point?) and thought it was wet-your-pants funny to film ourselves walking in our GORGEOUS shoes! (If you want some, too, click here.) Lucky for him we invoked the 30 second rule: can’t find the ball in 30 seconds? Drop a new one. That’s what they’re for.

ANNIE & TOBY PLAY GOLF in equipt for play golf shoes for womenThe blue/green shoes Toby has on in this video were a gift from me. She and I have the only two pairs in existence in this color combination, but after seeing how smashing she looked in her electric blue capris and these one-of-a-kind shoes, I think maybe these should be in the line next spring? Let me know what you think!SHOP-button