Andy Warhol once said we’d all have our fifteen seconds of fame. Mine turned out to be about five minutes, and whether that will make me famous or not, only time will tell. I was on TV this past Sunday. Masters Sunday, as luck would have it.

One of the producers of a business program on MSNBC called Your Business reached out to me a month ago to see if I’d like to come on her show and do an elevator pitch. That’s a one-minute pitch to a couple of potential investors in which you summarize key points about your business.  My first reaction to the invite was No Way, José. I’m pretty good on my feet, but stick a videocam in my face and I look like the proverbial deer in the headlights. Then I remembered what happened here after the O Magazine feature and decided all exposure was good exposure, headlights or no.

The taping felt like an out-of-body experience. We stood on a glowing green set (to allow a golf course image to be dropped into the background) bathed in big, hot, blinding lights, with fifteen people standing around and one panelist who didn’t seem to be taking any of it very seriously. Add a microphone and earpiece to the mix and I felt like I was communicating from the bottom of a swimming pool. Hard to look frothy and casual.

Nevertheless, I want to thank you for the many supportive comments! It may not be Emmy material, but I know the message resonated: comfort is our mantra – good looks our religion. Amen, sisters.

A few of your comments……………

“…I am an avid golfer. I was just watching your pitch on Your Business. I LOVED your golf shoes and immediately went to my computer to get a better look….I think your line is awesome and should be seen.”

“…Just saw you and your shoe/glove promo on the Business show on MSNBC and loved it.  You do have a market, regardless of what the gentleman said this morning. Either he doesn’t play golf or he is a bachelor because he knows nothing about women or golf. There are a lot of women on the course who are in the same boat I’m in and would think they’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“…I saw your golf shoes on Your Business and was curious about the fit of the shoes. I have a wide foot and generally wear a larger size –or our base men’s shoes — to accommodate my foot. Love the look!”

“…Do you have a sales rep or distributor in Saint Louis?  We are interested in your golf shoes and possibly retailing them or distributing them.”