1SPECTATORtobaccoEQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-Spectator-golf-shoesThis shoe found its way into my imagination after a game of croquet on the lawn in Southampton awhile back. It reminded me of a Merchant Ivory film – the only thing missing was the Pims. Essential to the look was combining linen-like canvas with distressed leathers to get the vintage feel I was after. Like all the fabrics we use in our shoes, it’s water and stain repellant, so break out the croquet mallets, ladies, and don’t look back.

At the drawing board I could see Kristin Scott-Thomas wearing these shoes with her desert linens in the English Patient or Diane Keaton sporting a pair with her creamy summer whites in Something’s Gotta Give. Our model, Cortney, happens to be a golfer (with a great swing) and was game to bring her own imagination to the shoot. Here, she pictures herself on a business trip playing golf with a new client. He has no clue she’s a 10 handicap. Should be fun.

Regardless of who wins, she captured our playful attitude and has the kind of looks that say ‘athlete’, while keeping the feminine quotient intact. (Skirts being a secret weapon and all.) Needless to say we always think accessories matter, so Cortney put on one of our sumptuous leather gloves to add the icing to this delectable cake.


You know by now that we’re addicted to comfort whether we’re headed out for a round of golf or meeting friends at a café for lunch. The days of choosing between comfort and style are over. And, if you happen to be in the market for a significant other, you might want to think about a skirt. Seriously. (Doesn’t Cortney look terrific here?) What you put on projects a lot about how you feel about yourself (call it packaging – in a good way), so if you feel great and look great, no doubt someone else will think so, too. I’m just saying.Annie-transparent