Once upon a time, Hush Puppies set the standard for casual footwear when relaxation and comfort were on the agenda. As I pondered this category of shoe and asked myself what I’d be looking for, I decided it was something a little more classic; something I could wear to the office on casual Friday, as well as a flee market or round of golf on the weekend. In a nutshell: stylish, versatile, comfortable.

EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-chalk-suede-Oxford-walking-shoesThe days of dressing like a princess in pink chiffon for Halloween are gone, but our rose suede Oxfords with these skinny white jeans satisfy my addiction to all things pink. Daffodil makes the perfect accessory here, but she’s not for sale! Just going for a walk.


And here’s my definition of modern (real) golf gear: Gap windbreaker, J. Crew capris, Toby Tucker Golf shirt and our wedgewood Oxfords. Does it get any better than this? Or any easier? EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-wedgewood-Oxford-leather-golf-shoesIn fact, I believe so strongly in this shoe that besides sumptuous suede, I also made it in these four, distressed-leather colors: teal, magenta, wedgewood and vermillion. Any one of these amazing colors can be treated as a ‘neutral’ – a confident, stand-alone punctuation point in a wardrobe of basics.  The simple concept is this: Weekend Warrior replaces Couch Potato in living color and drop-dead style.



Cortney paired her own jeans here with my Brook’s Brother’s jacket and added the magenta Oxfords. A girlie take on your boyfriend’s clothes.












Then there’s our version of the take-no-prisoners golf diva. She’s got a handicap to kill for or a drive that leaves you speechless – a cool character you’d love to hate if she wasn’t so darned nice. Like her, black is sleek and cool and confident and made for anyone who wants a simple dress code for golf. Cortney is a golfer herself and fell in love with this pattern-on-pattern combination set off by our patent Oxfords. Wow. Nineteenth hole here she comes.

EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-patent-Oxfords-go-to-the-parkAnd if golf is not your thing, you can see just how easily these shoes translate to a day in Central Park or anyplace else on the jeans+agenda. It’s what I call no-brainer weekend dressing: comfortable shirt + comfortable pants + comfortable shoes = you, relaxed.Annie-transparent