s9.3-HOMEComfort is our mantra- good looks our religion. Equipt for play was established with one purpose in mind: to create a shoe for the weekend warrior that’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. This is not a special occasion shoe – no. It’s your go-to weekend shoe for relaxed times and easy style. The unique comfort-traction sole was made for walking, no matter what the battle plan. When a woman gives birth to quintuplets and calls it a labor of love, I can relate. The move from China to Mexico took longer than expected, the epidural came too late, but the adorable offspring, regardless of what they put me through, were worth the wait.


We are excited about the results of our labor of love and hope you’ll be just as enthusiastic about our Next Gen collection as you were about the first. There are more styles in more colors and finishes, and – most important of all – a new comfort-traction sole that lets you wear these shoes on or off the golf course, anyplace your active life takes you.EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-comfort-traction-sole

CUSHY SHOES FOR NON-GOLFERS, TOOEQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-black-patent-Oxford-walking-shoes

One of the surprising things (not really) that came out of our exposure in O Magazine was the feedback from so many non-golfers across the country who were just as interested in great looking, comfortable walking shoes as we golfers are. I was busy removing cleats for some of these women, so they could wear our shoes on the weekend with their jeans. (Been known to do that myself.)

Bottom line: this is a collection of hybrid shoes – the kind that deliver sublime comfort with wicked style – no matter what you’re up to. Performance is non-negotiable in our book, so golf, hike, bike or brunch. Heck, ride the couch if you feel like it. These shoes are nothing if not versatile.


EQUIPT-FOR-PLAY-red-madras-ladies-golf-shoesYes. Couldn’t help myself. This fresh newcomer is available in two color combinations. Besides these, there are more Wing Tips on offer (Summer Bright is back); Spectators redesigned in new colors with flax-colored canvas; Oxfords, classically stitched and perforated in extraordinary colors; and our newly beloved Weekender slip-on loafer in every color a woman just has to have.



And for you size 10.5 and 11 women out there, we have made shoes for you, too. I promised I would and I did. No more buying men’s shoes; no more sacrificing looks for comfort. Every style we make, in every color, is available in your size. (Nice Spectators, huh?)


We are a work-in-progress here at Equipt and consider your input invaluable. Write to us at happyfeet@equiptforplay.com anytime – or give us a call at 631/725-1881 with suggestions, comments or compliments even (we love those, too!).Annie-transparent