We broke a lot of finger nails and missed a few cocktail hours over here, but it was all worth it. We shipped our shoes and gloves to 48/50 states and all over Canada – and more than doubled our sales from all of last year in three and a half short, but intense weeks. Our mission to blanket the earth with great golf gear for women is underway.

It was a pleasure meeting so many of you by phone and getting your comments by email. (Some of you should quit your day jobs and do stand-up.) Thank you! You’re the reason we’re doing this.

If we were out of your size, we apologize. The response was huge (as in, scary) and we did our best to keep up. Please send us an email and let us know what style and size you’re interested in. We’ll keep track of your request and let you know when we’re back in stock. You’ll get first shot.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy designing new shoes, gloves and totes (yes, totes!) over the past few months and look forward to introducing them to you this summer. We think you’re going to like what’s coming up. If you didn’t do it already, sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar or friend us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll let you know what’s up and when.

OK. Time for a manicure. I look like I’ve been hoeing potatoes in the rear forty. Barehanded.