One of the things that delighted me at the recent PGA Show in Orlando was meeting young golfer, Samantha Marks, who is on her way to UNC on a golf scholarship this fall. Samantha, 18, fell in love with our  Spectator/summer sunrise shoes and I decided to give her a little gift to take away to school. (A matching glove seemed in order, too.) Our shoes and gloves have often been referred to as playful – they are – and were designed to appeal to golfers of all ages. Voilà. Proof’s in the pudding.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing young, athletic women pursuing the sports of their dreams. (Heaven knows I wish I’d taken up golf at her age…then maybe my handicap would have something more than a prayer of a snowball in hell… Never mind. My currency rises whenever there’s a tournament.)

Samantha just sent me a few snaps of herself out practicing in our shoes and matching glove (while I’m at my desk) and I thought you might like to see how terrific she looks. We’re going to be keeping an eye on her progress and will keep you posted along the way. Go Samantha!

Now. In case there’s anyone left on earth who hasn’t heard our news yet, these shoes, the ones you see here on young Samantha, are in O Magazine this month (page 85). We made the ‘O’List, holy cow, and to celebrate our good fortune are offering everyone a 20% discount on everything on our site through April 30. Buy them while you still can! No joke.