I decided to join a league this summer because my golf game is in the tank and I know the only way it’s going to find its way out again is if I schedule my games with non-negotiable regularity. Hence, the league. I hardly played last summer – eight times, maybe – and that means my handicap is unmentionable at the moment. The only way the situation’s going to be remedied is if I log the miles on course and go to the range. (I hit 200 balls on Sunday with the blasted five wood that was M.I.A. last week and took a bottle of Advil after. And a couple of shots of Tequila.)  

So, heaven help me, I’m playing every Thursday at Montauk Downs on the east end of Long Island with a seriously competitive bunch of women – barracudas really – and seeing if I can exit the Hall of Shame with soul and psyche intact. I shaved twelve strokes off my score from week one to week two, but that should give you an idea how bad the situation really is – most of you can’t count that high. So while the remedial repair work is being done on my game I thought you might be more interested to see what I’m wearing to play golf these days. I’m not touting any particular labels, just showing you what I pull out of my own closet when I’m heading off to get eaten alive by the 4 handicaps.

(I’m cuter.)